Tour Price – €180.00

Shatili is one of the stunning and unique monuments of art, which was entered in the list of UNESCO world heritage monuments. It is the perfect place for trekking. Visiting Shatili will be like traveling in time, getting acquainted with the history and past of Georgia, which is evoked by the number of fortress-houses and tower-wise buildings.

Mutso is not less interesting than Shatili. It is renowned by its exclusive architecture. Trekking gets more attracting by the desire of seeing terrace houses constructed in medieval centuries.

Day One - departure from Tbilisi to Shatili by mini-bus. Arrival in Shatili and check-in the hotel or camps. After check-in to go to Shatili sightseeing and trekking from Shatili to Mutso. Mutso sightseeing, return to Shatili and rest.

Day two - departure from Shatili to village Roshka. Trekking from village Roshka to Abudelauri lakes, sightseeing and rest. Return to the cars and departure to Tbilisi.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the entire tour.