Tbilisi’s main Rustaveli avenue with its historic buildings, museums and hotels leads you to the Freedom square and old Tbilisi – heart of Tbilisi – the place, which is common for its bohemian life and eclectic style. In this place one can feel history of Tbilisi and modern life intertwined with each other, which seems quite enchanting to lots of tourists. You will see Orthodox church, Synagogue and mosque next to each other as a fact that people of different religions and nationalities have lived with each other for centuries. Old Tbilisi is full of Georgian, European and Asian cuisines - a perfect place for delicious lunch-break and continue tour to “Dry Bridge” popular for its flea market. This completely renovated part of Tbilisi looks pretty European, merging old architecture buildings and modern styles as well as beautiful squires around. One can see the old houses of historical persons and leaving traces in the history of Georgia. Architecture of Tbilisi by the end of 19th century and beginning of 20th century can be characterized in one word – Eclecticism. Inhabitants of Tbilisi have always been individuals and high-handed people and the houses in the town reflect their views and life stories. Tbilisi architects also did not limit themselves to the general rules, since they were residents of the city or naturalized foreigners, who were in love with Tbilisi. All this contributed to the creation of conglomerate known as Tbilisi Art Nouveau, pseudo Barroco, Gothic, Moorish or simply urban style creating unique Tbilisi charm. You will hear more about legendary townspeople, their love stories, quirks and entertainment, so-called city aura.

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Sightseeing of Tbilisi downtown and Old Tbilisi