Ushba, two-peak summit on Caucasus mountain ridges attracts number of alpinists by its breathtaking beauty as well as its challenging location. Everlastingly snow-capped rocky mountains overlook slopes covered by pine-forest and creates fairy ambiance, which is bewildering. Ushba offers alpinists unforgettable and extraordinary adventures, rich experience of mountaineering in astonishing surrounds and emotion that ensures physical and spiritual balance.

Day first – airport pick-up, transfer from the airport to Mestia and check-in the hotel.
Day two – leave Mestia for the village Becho, climbing up to camping place (on top of waterfall) and stay in camps.
Day three - getting-up early in the morning and trekking to the other camping place (Plateau of Ushba), staying in camps and rest.
Day four - getting-up early in the morning and climbing up to the Ushba shoulder, camping and rest.
Day five - getting-up early in the morning and climbing up to the mount, then returning back to camping and rest.
Day six – using an extra day, if weather gets bad on the first day.
Day seven – descending from the village Becho and accommodating in the hotel.
Day eight – departure from the village Becho to the airport.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the entire tour.