Tetnuldi summit is located on the main watershed ridge of Svaneti Caucasus mountains and its elevation is 4852 meters. Eternally snow-capped peak and its surrounds can be called heaven on earth. Perception of space, magnitude of mountains and astonishing beauty altogether overwhelms you. Nothing compares to that sense and emotion, when you feel while watching snow-white peaks immersing into sky. It is the excitement that each of human should feel during the visit in Svaneti.

Day one – airport pick-up, transfer from the airport to Mestia and stay in the hotel overnight.
Day two – depart from Mestia to village Hadishi, ascend to camping site and stay in camps.
Day three – acclimatize to the environment, training in safety skills how to use mountain gears.
Day four – depart from camping early in the morning to Summit, climb-up/ descend to the camp and rest.
Day five – use an extra day, if weather gets bad on the first day.
Day six – descend from the base camp, ride by car to Mestia, stay in the hotel and rest.
Day seven – departure from Mestia to airport.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the entire tour.