Shkhara is considered to be one of the most challenging peaks in Europe from the Alpinistic standpoint. This is one of the highest summits on the Caucasus nine-peak watershed ridges. Its altitude is 5200 meters. At the foot of South side of Shkhara is located the village Chazhashi, which is in the list of UNESCO World heritage monuments. Seeing Shkhara’s vastness and climbing it, mixed emotions overcome you. This is the emotion of pride, embarrassment and sense of overcoming challenge.  This place is perfect for those, who would love to go ski touring, trekking, mountaineering and alpinism in stunning atmosphere.

Day first – airport pick-up, transfer from the airport to Mestia and check-in the hotel.
Day two – leave Mestia for the village Ushguli, climbing up to the camping place and stay in camps.
Day three – acclimatizing and resting.
Day four – leaving in early morning for the peak Shkhara, climbing-up/descending to the camping and resting.
Day five – using extra day, if weather gets bad on the first day.
Day six – descending from the camping, leaving for Mestia and accommodating in the hotel/resting.
Day seven – departure from Mestia to the airport.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the entire tour.