Tour Price – €630.00

Khde gorge is a wonderful alpine place in the north of Caucasus mountain ridges, where elevation of its peaks reaches over 4000 meters. The gorge is an ideal area for those, who are interested in alpinism, mountaineering, trekking and hiking. Spending any season of the year in Khde is utmost pleasure. Appearing in the surroundings of the mountains stretched up to the sky, panoramic slopes and small waterfalls burst out of the rocks, you will feel overwhelming emotions. This will make you forget fast pace of everyday hassle and realize that you are an inseparable part of the eternal world. Natural diversity of this amazing place will give you a chance to climb up the steep slopes and enjoy its fascinating views.

Day first - airport pick-up, transfer from Tbilisi International airport to Kazbegi and check-in the hotel.
Day two – ride by mini-bus from Kazbegi to Khde gorge, climbing up to camping site from the outset of gorge and staying in camps.
Day three – starting out of the camping, climbing up to the mount Kuro on 4100 meters, descending to camping and resting.
Day four – using extra day, if weather gets bad on the first night.
Day five – descending from Khde gorge, ride to Kazbegi hotel and rest.
Day six – departure from Kazbegi to Tbilisi International airport.

All meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner), transfer and accommodation are included in the entire tour.