Kakheti is the region in Georgia mainly famous for its winemaking oldest history in the world. You can enjoy the view of sunny Alazani valley, where vineyards are stretched and at the same time you will be pleased by the glimpse of eternally snow-capped Caucasus mountain ridges.

In this region, almost everything is overwhelmed with the history and culture of winemaking covering its 8000-year tradition, honing from year to year. There are numerous places of wine-making to visit and taste delicious wines.  While visiting winemakers, you can discern mystical knowledge and admiration in their eyes, especially when they talk about wine like a loving parent about their beloved child. Each wine has its own character and taste. You will have a chance to sample Georgia’s famous underground fermented wines as well. Our goal is a bit challenge, since we take responsibility help you find your own personal taste and aroma and feel the divine destiny of wine.