Birtvisi tour

This place is unique.

There are many beautiful places in Georgia, but there is nothing quite like Birtvisi. It is a dormant volcano crater with a canyon and rocky peaks. It is completely covered with fairytale forests; it is a single, wonderful landscape monument.

It is also a part of history – famous, two-part fortress is situated here, one of its sides called “Dauntless” and it has never been conquered. Its main citadel “Mother Fortress” is a synonym of heroism in Georgian history. Famous Tamerlane’s armies laid siege on it for four months and finally took it during the legendary night assault; this citadel has forever remained an example of unimaginable Valor and sacrifice of warriors (from both sides). Here, at the highest battlements one can still feel the indomitable force of their spirits…here one can realize the truth behind the great Sun Tzu’s wise words – “valor of your enemies gives you more dignity!”


Photos from the tour

Birtvisi tour - Photo