Tour Price – €495.00

Chaukhi massif is located in Stepantsminda (Kazbegi) and altitude of its peaks reaches up to 4000 meters. Its landscape is remarkable with its amazing mixture of huge stunning mountains and bare steep rocks creating unforgettable surroundings. Place, where you can take to mountaineering, alpinism, hiking, trekking and ski touring. Some kind of magic touch is added by the small lake at the foot of wonderful mountains. This amazing environment gets you lose the ability of time perception. Amusing and pleasantly tiring adventures and fascinating moments interchange so smoothly that just one desire of everlasting time in this fairy tale captures you.

Day first – airport pick-up, transfer from Tbilisi International airport to Stephantsminda (Kazbegi) and check-in the hotel
Day two – ride by car from Stephantsminda (Kazbegi) to Chaukhi Massif and staying in the hotel (Zeta, fifth season) or in camps.
Day three – climbing up to the Mount G. Rcheulishvili (altitude 3600 meters), descending back to the camping and resting.
Day four – climbing up to the Mount G. Tikanadze (altitude 3500 meters) and returning back to the camping and resting.
Day five – descending from the camping and leaving for Stepantsminda (Kazbegi), accommodating in the hotel.
Day six – departure from Stepantsminda (Kazbegi) to Tbilisi International Airport.

All meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner), transfer and accommodation are included in the entire tour.